7 Best Social Media Management Tools 2020


Social media management tools for small to large businesses offer some handy features.

These features and safeguarding tools enable you to devise a social media strategy that makes things easy to handle. In this blog, we will mention seven social media management tools for 2019 that can make life easy for you.

Hootsuite allows users to post and monitor all social media accounts from one place.

IFTTT allows users to create custom triggers which automate your social media workflow.

Buffer comes with some great features like publishing, queuing, analytics, engagements.

Moreover, Canva helps with image customization while Typito helps greatly with video editing.

Freepik offers very high-quality graphic designs to its users.

Snappa is a cloud-based graphics editor makes it easy to create video content.

Importance of these tools:

Some things are very intimidating for small entrepreneurs like maintaining their brand presence on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Social media management seems like a daunting task as you not only have to be on top of different online trends. But you also have to promote your business without sounding promotional. You also have to produce content to attract the desired amount of traffic.

On the other hand, if you delegate social media responsibilities to an employee, you still have to be vigilant if they are keeping social media channels active. You have to make sure that their interaction with followers is as pleasant.

This is why; it becomes a difficult task for small businesses to keep both ends. Either, they have to give control to an employee and hope they do right publicity. Or you have to take additional responsibility for putting the right face of your brand along with other business chores.

This is the point where the role of social media management tools come into play. In fact, there is a good amount of these tools for small businesses that offer some handy features. These tools enable you to devise a social media strategy, making things easy.

Top 7 social media management tools:

Below is the list of top 7 social media management tools. Small businesses can use them to manage their social media accounts for branding.

Hootsuite: An entry-level social media manager:

Hootsuite was one of the very first social media management tools. It allows users to post and monitor all social media accounts from one place.

This is a very competitive platform as it provides some very useful features and competitive prices. It also provides features like team management, social listening tools, intuitive analytics and post-approval processes.



IFTTT is another one of the most useful social media management tools for small business. IFTTT stands for ‘If This Then That’. This tool allows users to create custom triggers which automate your social media workflow.

Now, users can connect all of their services together with IFTTT for automatic completion of tasks at hand. The resulting combination of these tasks is called Applets. These Applets automate your daily workflow whether it is your apps or website you are using for social media management.

In addition to it, IFTTT allows users to have a clever eye on their competitors. With help of this tool, small businesses can get automatic updates about their competitions and their websites. It also helps you analyze, organize and archive data of your competitors.

You can also link your Facebook with Twitter or Instagram with Twitter. Whenever you post a picture on Facebook, it will automatically upload on Twitter. Small businesses can also gather praising tweets with the tool to help their businesses because testimonials help increase brand credibility.



It is one of the most important social media management tools for 2019. It comes with some great features like publishing with the queue, analytics, engagements and some team features. It is easily integrated able with social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google Plus etc.

However, it does not incorporate an influencer search feature. Most importantly Buffer is not made for evergreen posts meaning that it only lets you schedule and add posts to a queue, with very basic publishing features. It does not allow uploading hundreds of posts or recycling them. But it does have RSS feed by which you can directly publish posts from your blogs.



Canva is a great program for non-designers as it makes image creation so easy. In fact, it comes with customized image sizes for all social media platforms, premade templates, colour fonts, drag and drop interface etc.

It also gives you a calendar view in a simple and elegant design to look at your entire social media strategy after you created and managed them. Moreover, it is also compatible with many social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc. It also helps you schedule, queue and posts your feeds.



Typito is another excellent social media management tool for 2019. It is a great video editing tool which helps non-professionals to edit their videos so that they can post it on social media without worries.

Typito is known as Canva for videos due to the excellent features it provides for video editing. You can use drag and drop interface which helps you creating great videos with typography, images, music and icons etc.

For your specific social media platform, you can create vertical and square videos to fit perfectly.



Freepik offers very high-quality graphic designs to its users. You can have some graphics resources for free and use exclusive illustrations by giving credit to the author.



Snappa is a cloud-based graphics editor. It makes it easy to create video content. It supports team collaboration. Snappa saves time and money for small businesses as graphics in its library are free for use.

Businesses have to spend lesser time on image editing which helps them focus on other important operations. More than five team members can collaborate on this platform.



All social media management tools mentioned above provides some unique features for running great social media campaigns. Moreover, they help with queuing your post, auto-publishing, image and video editing to fit specific social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.