Free Digital Marketing Course


My name is Veerender. I am an Entrepreneur, Digital Marketing and Social Media Expert and sales trainer. I have designed a free digital marketing course for students so that they can learn the basics of digital marketing and get some hands-on experience to excel in the field.

Digital marketing has become a need for today’s growing businesses. This is why it is very important for students to learn basic skills in digital marketing in order to prepare themselves for a competitive market.

What does this course entail? 

  • This is a 15-day free digital marketing course where students will be briefed on important concepts of digital marketing.
  • The morning session is specified for teaching students different concepts of digital marketing.
  • An evening session is specified for live training sessions where students will be working on real-time projects.
  • We also provide Online Training.

What is so special about classroom training and real-time projects?

The real learning at any institute happens when you go through hands-on projects. We do not believe in only concept-based teaching. So, we will give an opportunity to our students to work on real time projects. We are an agency where we get projects of digital marketing. After learning basic concepts in the morning session, we will allow students to work on real time projects which will give them an immense experience in the field.

Digital Marketing Course Outline

Students will learn Free Digital Marketing Course by following concepts in the course:

Search Engine Optimization:
How to get websites ranked on top in search engine results
Search Engine Marketing:
How to successfully run ads on search engines
Social Media Marketing:
How to generate leads, build brands and aggregate audience on social media.
Social Media Optimization:
Tips to optimize a business on social media and how to promote and create awareness of a brand by sharing of content.

What you will achieve by end of the course?

There are so many benefits for students by learning free digital marketing course :

  • Students will get proper training on how to appear in job interviews aimed at digital marketers.
  • You will get a ‘Course Completion Certificate’ that will help you in your professional career.
  • An ‘Internship Certificate’ will be granted after the course which will ease-on the job hunting process as you have reasonable training in digital marketing after course completion.
  • We will provide 24/7 support to our trained students for a lifetime which is an immense opportunity to look for.

Is this a free digital marketing course?

Yes!!! This digital marketing course is absolutely free. This course has been specially designed for students in order to help them equipped with digital marketing skills without any financial burdens so that they can give a good start to their career in digital marketing.

How to register for the course?

Go to and get yourself registered for free digital marketing course online.

The course will give you a necessary understanding of digital marketing concepts, current marketing trends and training which is necessary for a professional career.