What is Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing?

What isDigital Marketing? it is all about marketing your product and services through internet. Digital marketing involves all marketing tools that require an electronic device or the internet. For the promotion of business, different digital channels such as social media, email, search engines and websites are utilised to interact with current and prospective consumers. The old methods of marketing are no more effective.

With the passage of time, internet users are increasing and people are more interested in online contents like videos, tutorials, testimonials and images. Technology has changed the vision of masses. The way people buy and shop has really transformed, this approach has reduced the importance of offline marketing and it has boosted the future of Digital Marketing.

Why Marketing is important for your business or brand?

Actually the main objective of marketing is to connect with your customers at the right time at the right place. As you are well
aware of this fact that, people love to spend their free time in online searching, so it is better to connect with them through that medium.
The best digital marketers have a clear vision of how each digital marketing strategy supports their business goals and depending on their marketing strategies, marketers can lead a large campaign through the paid and free channels at their disposal.

Business growth

Future of Digital Marketing in India:

With increasing demand of social media, digital marketing is surely recognised as a future of marketing in India. In 2016, the industry of digital marketing saw a big revolution and almost 1.5 lakh job opportunities were provided in this field.

The next year 2017 brought a new wave, when almost 8 lakhs digital job vacancies were offered in the first quarter. Different surveys are being conducted in different parts of India and they have proved that, this number is going to increase in the upcoming years. Indian government has taken this initiative to make India, Digital India. Their aim is to deliver easy digital services to its citizens.

Digital Marketing has taken over the other traditional marketing tools in every field and so is in India. Benefits of digital marketing are limitless. The digital marketing is right now at its peak in India due to following reasons.

  1. A latest trend in town:

There was a time, when a latest movie or drama on TV was the centre of attention for people. Now, people are interested in online posts or new music songs or videos on YouTube. Everybody is talking about YouTube.

This is a drastic change in choices and preferences. Mass media is grabbing the attention of everybody because of the fresh content that it brings with itself. Actually, we are living in a modern world and it is the need of the time to adapt yourself according to the recent trends. Now, we are moving from traditional ways to the digital mediums.

  1. It is flexible:

Digital marketing is time and money saving. Secondly, you can access to millions of people through their mobile phones and can promote your brand conveniently. What matters is the internet connection. It is not important to sit in an office; you can continue your work from anywhere.

A clear change has been witnessed in the mindsets of people. There was a time, when people were stick to 9 to 5 jobs. Now, people are looking for digital opportunities. They are no more eager to work as robots.

They want ease and independence. Now days, people are giving preference to online jobs as they are more flexible and you can set your own time table without any restrictions.

A beginner can establish his career with around twenty thousands and can raise it to lakhs; there are no particular standards for online earnings.

  • It is easy to learn digital marketing:

It is not a difficult task to learn digital marketing. It is very easy job. Even the new comers just take few days to learn the basic features of digital media. This is mainly because; it is designed in a user friendly way to make it easier for its user to operate it skillfully.

  • Eco – friendly:

Being responsible citizens, it is our main duty to operate through those mediums that are not dangerous for our atmosphere. If, we do not pay any attention towards our atmosphere, obviously, it will leave an adverse effect on us.

The digital media cuts down the use of paper. We run the digital media through internet and thus, we can save a lot of hustle in terms of hard work and all the other shortcomings of using the traditional mediums of marketing.

Digital marketing skills are enormous not only for those who are actually working in this field but also to businessmen. Even, if you have passed your early start up days successfully and have developed a marketing team, the most successful entrepreneurs have a proper knowledge of each characteristic of the business and can offer knowledgeable insight of digital marketing campaigns.

Different Online Digital marketing courses are available. You can learn digital marketing course for free.

Basically, these following top 5 courses are available online to enhance your marketing skills. Even, freshers can take help from these courses and they do not need to spend money in this regard. These courses have given an easy excess to everyone and you can study digital marketing free online course. These courses include:

  1. Google Online Marketing Challenge
  2. WordStream’s PPC University
  3. Inbound Digital Marketing Course Plus Official Certification
  4. Alison Free Diploma in E – Business
  5. Social Media Quickstarter Digital Marketing Course

What are the advantages of online courses?

The most asked questions are, what are the benefits of these courses and how can they be utilized in a practical life. Answer is very simple.

You can attend a number of online webinars and white papers to increase your digital marketing education and most amazing thing is that, every course is mobile friendly, so you can learn everything with a single click when you are free. If you are a student, you can join these courses as part time studies.