Top Social Media Trends and Features in 2020

Last year witnessed multiple changes in the features of social media platforms. The new year also brings new possibilities for creative explorations and capabilities. Social media platforms are thriving more than ever. In this blog post we will discuss about top social media trends and features in 2020.

In 2020, one among two human beings will be able to access smart-phones and engage in social interactions. Social media is an effective part of the business. So, it’s important to keep an eye on the latest trends occurring on social media platforms.

Here are the top social media trends and features in 2020.


Many interesting changes have been happening in social media over the last few years. One of the most significant changes that are happening with Facebook has been related to the groups. Facebook has been heavily concentrating on improving group related features.

Facebook groups provide a great possibility to create a community for business. It can be a platform for better engagement and building close. Messenger ads that were introduced in 2016 are another important feature of Facebook. The ads will be viewed by the audience and if they tap, they will be directed to your website or a destination you choose.

Top social media trends and features in 2020

Instant experience ads, formerly known as canvas, are another important feature on Facebook. They are full screen take over ads. It can capture greater attention from the audience. They are designed to capture the complete attention of the audience. They can watch engaging videos, photos, tilt to the pan and explore lifestyle images with tagged products – all in a single ad.

Apart from this, Creator studio launched by Facebook in 2018 is instrumental for businesses. Last year it went through a lot of changes to support the brand and partnered monetization efforts. It is a centralized hub to post, schedule posts, manage and monetize content.


Story ads on Instagram took social media by storm. It was one of the most important features for entrepreneurs last year. Instagram also reported that 500 million accounts are using stories on their platforms. A large portion of which comes from business people. One-third of the most-viewed stories come from businesses. In 2019, Instagram also announced that it will be increasing its load in stories.

Shoppable posts are a feature that appeared on Instagram in March 2019. Indeed, it was an easier way for retailers to connect to their customers. It allowed users to purchase from posts or story content without leaving the app. It allows the business to tag five products per image which include details of a product, price, and related details. To use this feature, the business must create a Facebook Shop account linked to Instagram.

Top social media trends and features in 2020

Dynamic ads on Instagram help to personalize ads without manual work. These ads will be showing the right products to those who expressed an interest.

Creative studio in Instagram is the latest trend for business. Previously, it was available only on Facebook. Now Instagram creator studio provides a lot of new tools for business including facility to schedule posts.  It allows creators to post, manage, measure, and monetize content in their Pages and accounts.


Twitter has now enabled the option of hiding replies to tweets. Definitely, it gives brands an option to manage conversations. But it may harm the users who use the medium for conversation and to know the opinions of other users.

Video ads are the feature that made more than half of the ad revenue for Twitter. In 2019, Twitter announced that video ads are the fastest-growing ad format.

Why is it? Simply because it works well. Twitter analyzed nearly 3.7 million accounts recently. They found that Tweets with video attracted 10 times more engagement than the Tweets without video. In terms of the budget also, Twitter ads seemed to perform well. They saved more than 50% of their cost-per-engagement.


YouTube has been creating a revolution in marketing ever since the platform appeared. The platform has come up with some new features recently. The most attractive feature among this is the 15-second-non-skippable ad. Undoubtedly, one among the top social media trends and features for business in 2020.

Top social media trends and features in 2020

Unlike before, it was made available to all advertisers at the beginning of 2019. Before it was only available to selected advertisers via a reserved media placement on YouTube. However, Google recently announced that they’ll be expanding the use of these 15-second non-skippable ads to all advertisers on Google Ads.

YouTube also announced the use of machine learning tools in its advertising week in New York last year. Here machine learning tools will be utilized to automatically serve best combination of ad formats at the individual user level. Every year more and more viewers are using YouTube to stream content.


TikTok is more than a lip-synching app. It has a huge potential to promote business. According to data, this is one of the most downloaded applications in the last two years.

In 2019, TikTok started testing its short shoppable posts. TikTok’s entry to social commerce space opens huge possibilities of commercial interests to potential advertisers. Ephemeral videos can be a smart way to propagate business through TikTok. Brands can easily create videos readily in a low budget. The content can be of high value.

In addition, Tiktok also released its software development kit last year in November. Here TikTok integrated third-party apps and developers. This application makes it’s easy for users to share their videos across platforms.

TikTok introduced Adode Premiere Rush as the first partner. This allows the users to use adobe features to edit their videos and share them in TikTok. Similarly, multiple other platforms are now linked with TikTok.

This can be of great use to the business. Because it increased the reach to customers. Brands can take advantage of the increased engagement to the app now that it integrated with other apps.


Pinterest is also creating opportunities as an e-commerce platform. It has introduced the newest feature which is a visual search tool.  Visual search provides users an opportunity to shop the products they see. Shoppable products will be appearing in the photo with a dot attached to it.

Apart from this, another important feature introduced in Pinterest is catalog. A catalog is a feed-ingestion tool designed for businesses that sell products on their websites. Using this option, the business can create a Pinterest business account. Furthermore, brands can upload multiple product images and arrange them according to category. They can make a product catalog in Pinterest


New features continue to appear in social media platforms. Creative use of these features is beneficial in promoting business. The above-mentioned ones are the top social media trends and features in 2020.